You is Kind. You is Smart. You is Important.

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It’s that time of year again where everything is in a lull. The weather is starting it’s downhill turn towards winter, people are getting ready to go home for the holidays, and classes are crazy as professors are trying to fit everything in before finals. I was definitely feeling this way today: I was so busy that I just didn’t do anything and then I came across this quote (above) on my Facebook newsfeed. At first it really didn’t affect me, but after reading it a few times I felt like it really fit my whole mood for the past few days. Whether you are in school or not, everyone is always planning for their future and sometimes we forget to just let life happen. Sometimes we need to remember that relaxing for a bit is more helpful than micromanaging your day/life. As finals are approaching (3 weeks AHHH) just remember that the time you give yourself to rest (I would suggest going to see a movie) will help you as much as the actual studying. Plus, some wise words from my mom: you are going to survive, get a job, and be successful regardless of what grade you get on ONE exam.

PS. If you want some more information about how your brain works (or doesn’t work) while you are tired, watch this cheeky little TEDtalk

-Kendall Mello

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