Ride the dark horse

It’s often suggested that we dress for the seasons.  Sundresses in the summer, pastels in the spring, scarves in the fall, and touches of sparkle in the winter.  However if you’re like me and enjoy emulating the seasons, there is only one way to dress for the approaching cold spell: black.  090d99bc108df9a1125c34c7d7b80168

Dressing monochromatic can often be a hard look to pull off, but with the right mix of textures and layers it can be done!


Miranda Kerr once again serves as our beacon of hope for all things fabulous. With the combination of leather pants, a black sweater and a peacoat she serves as a prime example of how to rock this look.  Black clothes are great to layer for the winter and because of the color’s sliming quality you can eliminate the winter puff.  Additionally, with black being a popular color for leather there are endless options.  Leather pants and coats create a sophisticated look while still keeping you warm.

So when the snow outside begins to paint your world white, stand out in your black outfit.  Not only does it keep you warm, slim your figure, and make you look like a Parisian–black is the greatest way to assimilate to this upcoming season of early sunsets and cold nights.

–Mary Schrott

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