Is it time to let Uggs go?

In middle school it was difficult to be considered a member of the “cool crowd” unless you possessed at least five shirts with Abercrombie written across the chest where your non-existent boobs were supposed to be, a jean skirt worn over leggings (please slap me for ever thinking that was acceptable), and, of course, the footwear of the decade, the shoes that hug your feet and ankles with the comfort of sheep wool – Uggs.


Back in middle school you had at least three pairs of these portable slippers: the neutral color you wore every day paired with jeans, the meant-to-be slipper pair you decided to wear out on many occasions, and the pair that was color-blocked of four vibrant colors.

2013 ugg color block boots  multi color neon patchwork boot colorful ugg boots-f18259

Today, about four years later, riding boots and combat boots are surpassing the everyday wear of Uggs in the Winter and Fall months. However, the Ugg-trend is still lingering. Maybe we never grew out of our old pairs and are still wearing them for the nostalgic comfort. But, my question is, is anyone still wearing them with style in mind?

The days of the Abercrombie logo shirts and jean skirts are over, should it be the end of the Ugg sensation, leaning more toward the side of Ugg-ly than “Ugg these are so comfy and cute”? Not necessarily. Although Uggs are no longer considered a must-have, fashion-forward footwear, why can’t we still enjoy the old common comfort of sheep wool rubbing against our feet?

Here are a few tips to make Uggs a little more modern:

  1. Roll them over to expose the fur. This gives them more of an edge and adds an extra color to your footwear.
  2. Use Uggs as a statement piece saying, “I’m tired and just trying to be comfortable”. Pair them with leggings and a giant sweatshirt and those glasses we all pretend are real.
  3. Or just stick to wearing them around the house and embrace their original purpose: slippers.


Whatever you choose to do with Uggs as the winter weather approaches, just please, please, please don’t pair them with a jean skirt and leggings. That is all I ask. There’s a reason some trends don’t stick around.

– Emmy Silverman

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