UP your nail game

Nail polish is one of those impulse buys that I almost always end up splurging on whenever I’m out. I feel like every color is new, yet, at home, I have a million that look exactly like it. Worst-case scenario: I bought the same OPI “Got the Blues for Red” that I already have.

red nail polish


Obviously, I can’t commit to just one color, but where do I put them all? Also, what do I do with those gross bottles of nail polish sitting in the bottom of a drawer that I used once. What a colossal waste of $8. Lacquerous helps you avoid these issues by renting nail polish instead of buying it. Who has the room (or the time) for the baggage and commitment that comes with buying a new bottle of nail polish every time you get bored of your current stash.

wall for nail polish

With Lacquerous, you have the new collections of Chanel, Butter London, Mac, Dior (and anything else you can think of) right at your finger tips. For a monthly fee of $18, you can get three nail polishes for 30 days. All you have to be accountable for is only using the nail polish for 3 polishes (lets be real, more than 2 is only for those colors that we absolutely adore, anyway).

godl nails

Because bacteria can’t live in nail polish, this is a pretty safe (and sanitary) bet. Paying around $25 dollars for just one designer polish isn’t worth it. Colors always fade, go out of style, and lose their luster. So, go ahead and rent that Chanel nail polish you’ve been dying to wear to the first holiday party of the season. It won’t stare at you with resentment and guilt for the splurge (because you didn’t have to).

-Molly Nicholas


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