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I’m sure if you’ve been flipping through a style magazine, or browsing an online fashion site, you’ve seen these boots. If not, let me introduce you to the popular over-the-knee boots seen on almost everyone in the fashion community (or Gisele casually chilling in her underwear) – the Stuart Weitzman’s Lowland boot.

If you’re like me, you’ve fallen in love with these boots and are asking where to buy them. Well, if you’re like me again, these boots are nowhere on your horizon. This is simply for the fact that they cost nearly $800.

You’re now probably wondering why I even bothered to bring this up, but that’s because there’s such a variety of chic over-the-knee boots for more than half of the cost!


Yesterday I was so close to pulling the trigger on these boots, but then reality set in that they probably wouldn’t be flattering to my 5’2” stature. These boots are perfect for someone with wider calves, as they come with the sleek stretch panels.


I love the grey color of these boots, and the two buckles add a little bit of extra flare. And as you can tell, I’m a huge fan of the stretch panels. I also like the brown suede version.


Vince Camuto is always a favorite of mine, and he didn’t disappoint with these. I really like them because there aren’t many over-the-knee options specifically for riding boots, so these hit the mark.


I love these boots, especially because of the quilted look in the back! I tend to lean towards a minimalist look and these boots are still stylish but with no-fuss.

8619057_fpx.tif8619058_fpx.tifI chose these because some people like a higher heel, and these chic suede boots are jazzed up with the gold zipper detail in the back.

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