Love story gone awry

Taylor Swift’s music video for “Blank Space” off of her new album 1989 is definitely the most interesting video she has ever made. The video goes from happy and loving to angry and violent in the matter of seconds.

At the beginning of the song, Swift is happy and in love with this guy. She can see forever with him and thinks he’s incredible. In the video Swift lives in this lavish and extravagant mansion with this elegant lifestyle. Then she finds one little problem with her “perfect man” and things take a turn for the wild side.

Swift goes crazy and suddenly loses it. She catches her man texting a woman that isn’t her and all hell breaks loose. Portraits are stabbed, clothes are cut and cars are smashed. Nobody expected this acting from Swift in the video and it was a huge shock to the audience.

But it wasn’t a bad surprise. This video has been a huge hit with her fans. The freak out and violent outbursts were an interesting addition to the video and added to the over the top image of the video. It made the song more interesting to see her break away from her usual videos and personality.


–Shervani Patel

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