Be iconic in all situations

While trends may change with each new season, decade and even era, one thing we can always rely on is iconic fashion.  Iconic fashion allows us to not only wear, but support looks that made an impact in history.  Much of fashion history’s notable looks in fact come from fictional character’s from famous films.  There are many examples to look to for icon fashion that can inspire us even today:

Audrey Hepburn: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The Little Black Dress is one of fashion’s most iconic pieces. First fashioned by Coco Chanel and made famous by darling Audrey Hepburn, every woman is advised to own a LBD.  Not only is the look appropriate for almost every occasion, but it continues to flatter different shapes and sizes.


Barney’s New York Warehouse “Leather-Trimmed Open-Back Maxi Dress”: $149

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Marilyn Monroe: Some Like It Hot

While Monroe’s days in the spotlight may be in the past, she continues to leave a lasting impact on today’s world of fashion.  Not only did she make man hole’s on the sidewalk sexy, but she made the image of a full figured woman relevant.


ModCloth “Are You Gonna Be My Girl? Dress”: $95

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Rachel McAdams: The Notebook

While many girls fantasize about re-enacting Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling’s steamy kiss in the rain from this famous picture, what can be accomplish is her timeless look.  This little dress will take anyone’s look back a couple decades while still showing a sophisticated side.


Gap “Pleated Indigo Dress”: $50

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Sharon Stone: Basic Instinct

If you know anything about this film, you know the power of a planned leg cross.  To achieve the look of Stone’s powerful female character, check out this tight turtleneck!


House of Fraser “Morgan Fluffy Woollen Dress with Turtleneck” : $69

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Olivia Newton-John: Grease

Though many girls try and recreate this look on Halloween, a solid black jumpsuit like bad girl Sandy’s is timeless.  Showing off her long legs and tiny waist, a jump suit is perfect for a put together look that can be dressed up or down.


Miss Elfidge “Bengaline Bardot Jumpsuit”: $70

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–Mary Schrott

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