The popular parka

Something terrifying has happened.

Suddenly every girl on campus has morphed into one monotonous symbol. She is wearing a long black coat that stops just above the knee with fur on the hood and her feet are kept dry by the ever so repetitive Bean Boots. She is the pure representation of a Miami girl in the winter. And there are little variations between one from another. It’s as though we’ve entered a terrifying foreign world where the earth has turned pure white, the students are rebelling from the cold by wearing black and you cant tell one girl walking into Starbucks to buy a skinny vanilla latte from the next.


Parka weather has hit, ladies. And it’s rushing in hard and fast, like the wind that blows the snow from the trees and onto your head as you walk to class.


The question here is; how do we stand out in a world of black and white? The answer is simple: be unique.

I’m not talking about wearing a leather jacket or a bikini in order to do anything to avoid being a #basicbitch by wearing a parka. I’m not asking you to get frostbitten.

I’m just talking about variety. Pull a Wizard of OZ and add a pop of color to the black and white scenery. You can still be warm and wear a parka, but why not buy an army green one or, maybe, navy blue.


However you choose to express yourself, make sure you look more like an Eskimo than a Victoria’s Secret model. The less skin showing the better in these frigid conditions.

– Emmy Silverman

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