Don’t let winter wear you

With the cold finally upon us all, there is more to your routine that should change besides leaving a few minutes earlier to clean the ice off your car.  Cold air and less sunlight cause our bodies to adapt to the new season in ways we see and don’t see.  To keep yourself as clean as the fresh snow falling around you consider these few tips for a overall positive winter season!

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Tip 1: Skip the heavy make up

We all know there is not enough sunlight during the winter to bronze your cheek bones let a lone your entire body.  Go for a natural look! It’s obvious in the winter when you go tanning or load on the bronzer.  Simplify your make up with light blush, concealer and mascara.  I personally think there is great beauty in a natural look that is not effected by harsh sunlight or in organic contouring looks.  Embrace your pastiness and always remember to hydrate!

b644d7caeb9facda049dbe921c433be5Tip 2: Drink up!

Although the weather may not be as warm and we may not be sweating as much as we do in the summer, our bodies still need water! You should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water everyday no matter what the season.  Being well hydrated helps promote glowing skin as well as a detoxification.  Don’t forget your skin needs hydrated too! Although we all usually pay more attention to our moisturising regime in the winter, it’s important to make sure you moisturize all over.  Head, shoulders, knees and toes–don’t neglect your fragile skin!

Why_Drink_Water_Your_Hydration_HealthTip 3: Take a load off

Most skin-care specialists recommend not painting your toenails if they’re going to be covered up during winter months (more to give your toenails a break from harsh polish removers than anything else). Skip the pedicures and treat your feet to a heavy cream and thick wool socks after a warm shower.  Not only will this feel amazing but your feet will look great when sandal season comes!

Saving Tips Easy Pedicure at home

Tip 4: Pucker Up!

If you’re like me, you won’t leave the house in the winter without your favorite chapstick.  Our lips are one of the most exposed skin areas on our body and the cold dry air is more harmful than you might think! If you’re looking for a quality lip balm look for a product with shea butter. Shea Butter goes on smooth as compared to waxy.  Also if you’re wearing color on your lips look for a product with built in moisture for extra protection!



Tip 5: Care for your hair

Most hairstylists will tell you your hair doesn’t need as much washing in the winter as it does in the warm summer months.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your hair at all during the winter! But maybe try out a different routine like using shampoo on one day and then conditioner the next and maybe just hot water the third.  Hair usually gets dry in the winter and overwashing it just enhances this.  Changing your washing routine can help keep your hair hydrated as well as using specific shampoos with extra moisture.  Also running your fingers through your hair after you moisturize your skin helps keep static down!



–Mary Schrott

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