Put a ring on It

All the single ladies. All the single ladies.

Emojis know what’s up. They have many emojis that represent all the single ladies out there: the emoji girl, we all know and love with her hand raised in the air, eager to jump at any opportunity that comes her way (like a date with that adorable boy who sits in front of her in econ class). Then there are the two blonde dancer girls linking arms with their toes pointed out, rocking black leotards. Let’s be real, we would all be surprised if we discovered this one was inspired by anything but Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” music video.


However, there are many emojis that do the very opposite of representing all the single ladies out there, and often, make the single ladies feel so bad about themselves they skip the pages where these emojis exist to avoid any further distress. These emojis include the red heart, the love letter and, of course, the universal representation of all “taken” women – the diamond ring.


There’s no need to discriminate. All the single ladies should take this feeling, when they see these symbols of love and devotion, on with the same attitude. The attitude we would all imagine the “flight attendant” emoji girl would in a similar situation – “ehh, whatever”.


Don’t fret. Your time will come. For now, you can rock the midi-rings. They don’t convey quite as much commitment as a full-blown diamond ring, that seem to draw so much admiration it is impossible to pay attention to anything else in the room.

The midi-ring is different from any ordinary ring. They sit just between the first knuckle and the second to suggest the impression that they may fall off, but ladies, we all know they are secure. We just want to give off the impression that we are risk takers and like to live on the edge. This is the impression the midi-ring gives off when placed on the finger of a single lady – along with the impression that you are very fashion-forward.


So ladies, and I’m talking to the single ones, don’t be afraid to put a ring on it and use it to express a message, not of commitment, but of freedom, “girls just wanna have fun”, and, of course, style. And use the heart emoji to express how much you love living the single life.

– Emmy Silverman

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