Wrap UP: ponchos are back

As a little girl, I had my fair share of ponchos from Limited Too and Target, and I considered myself quite the fashionista at the time. After looking back on my childhood wardrobe, I always thought that I would never be caught dead in another poncho ever again. But, believe it or not, ponchos have made a comeback in the fashion world. Ponchos landed a spot in Vogue’s list of the top 20 trends for this fall and winter. Thankfully, today’s ponchos are much more stylish than my hot pink knit poncho from the second grade. Ponchos now have a more open and blanket-like style like the Burberry one that Victoria’s Secret model Cara Delevingne rocks below.


Stores like Forever 21 and Asos offer ponchos so fabulous that we can all look (almost) as great as a Victoria’s Secret model when we wear them! Both stores have numerous styles and colors. These blanket-like options drape over your shoulders for a relaxed, casual look while adding an extra layer to your outfit. The patterns on both can add flair to your look.

ASOS Stripe Blanket Cape


Reversible Fringe Cape


For the more traditional poncho style, I recommend these options:

Knitted Poncho


Oversized Turtleneck Poncho


I know that when cold weather hits, most of us stick with the simple leggings and oversized top look. A poncho is a perfect way to break away from this casual look and make your outfit unique. You can keep the leggings, but trade in a sweatshirt or t-shirt for a poncho.

-Blair Donovan

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