Christmas list must-haves

You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout.

We all know where this is going. We’ve circled our calendars, we’ve decorated our trees, we’ve been to an ugly Christmas sweater party – Santa Claus is coming to town.


It is sometimes difficult to grasp, now that we don’t wait in an hour-long line at the mall to sit on some eerie man’s lap. He is dressed in a red velour suit that has a faint perfume of years of smelly children and lies, and a fake beard that all the kids who get coal for Christmas attempt to pull off, revealing the deceits of parents and mall Santas after all these years. Us, a few years younger, dressed in our best Christmas clothes, sitting on the knee of this plush man, feeling all the magic in the world and revealing to him the secrets we’ve been keeping for a whole year – that we want a pony for Christmas.


As we got older, we began to turn our Christmas lists to our parents, with the hope that they would make all our Christmas wishes come true, while visions of sugar-plums danced in our heads.

Our lists became more and more defined and exact with age and the ease of throwing items into a shopping cart and sending it over to your parents.

Here are a few must-have gifts every girl should have in their shopping cart this year.

1. Bean Boots: If you do not already own a pair of this perfect pairing of rubber and leather to form a must-have on Miami’s campus, for boys and girls a like, during the ever-changing Oxford winter weather, you should probably put them at the top of your list (size 6, please).


2. Anything from Brandy Melville: Looking around Miami’s campus, there are many items of clothing that other girls are wearing that you yearn to have. These items express comfort and style for the subzero winter 8:30s. The majority of these comfy, “one-size-fits-most” sweaters come from Brandy Melville. Adding a few, reasonably priced Brandy items to your list will leave you feeling both cozy and stylish.

3.iPhone 6: Every year there is something we put on our list that we don’t necessarily need, but we just put on our list to test the boundaries. Maybe, if I express interest in needing it, it will end up under the tree. This year that product is the IPhone 6. Its huge sleek screen will leave any IPhone 5 in its shadows. This new electronic will make you feel both trendy and a-la-mode this holiday season.


We all know, Santa sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad or good. So as a final word from me, be good for goodness sake.

– Emmy Silverman

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