How to dress for recruitment

Even though recruitment is over here at Miami, we want our readers from other schools still waiting to go through recruitment or anyone already looking forward to next year to be as prepared as possible!

Sorority recruitment, in a nutshell, is a time when girls want to look their best, sound their best and ultimately be the best version of themselves they can be. This, looking in on it, can be quite a conundrum. Girls will try so hard to conform to this ideal sorority girl, while still trying to stand out and be herself.

How do you let your true colors shine through a group of girls that are all trying to fit into the stereotype of a typical sorority girl? This being fun, pretty, outgoing and great style. #TSM


Let me just state a fact that we all already know: stereotypes are not always backed up. And, quite frankly, should be broken to some degree. Being all the same is boring.

Standing out is not a bad thing if you stand out for the right reasons. Here are a few tricks to fit in but still stand out in the world of tans and high heels that is sorority recruitment.

Let’s just talk about the style aspect. Two words: statement piece. Whether it is a bold necklace, cheetah shoes or a striped scarf, find something that is truly unique, hints at your personality, and ultimately, is memorable. You may even find it to be used as an easy conversation starter!


Step two: comfort. You will be wearing your outfit of choice for what may end up feeling like 24 hours. Wear something you feel comfortable in. You will be sitting, standing and walking. You want a multipurpose ensemble. Don’t wear something too tight that you can’t sit down or a shirt too loose it keeps falling down. Another aspect of comfort: wear something you like how you look in. This will help you feel confident.

So it’s not all about conforming to the stereotype. It’s about being true to you. Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in and will help you standout and be memorable for all the right reasons. And never forget to wear your smile (sorry that was cheesy). Have fun!


-Emmy Silverman