UP and coming stacked bracelets

Five years ago, Pandora bracelets were the top bracelet trend. This past year, the trend was Alex and Ani bracelets. I’m sure that you or someone you know has one of these kinds of bracelets. But what’s the fun of wearing bracelets if everyone has them? This year, I encourage you to stand out from the crowd and rock a different brand of bracelets that aren’t very well-known: Bourbon and Boweties bracelets.

Bourbon and Boweties bracelets designed for a wedding


These bracelets are extremely popular in the South, but a friend of mine in my corridor just introduced them to me. Carley Ochs owns and designs for the company, and each bracelet is handmade from Florida. The bracelets feature gold wire with a variety of natural stones like smokey quartz, shells, turquoise, jade, polished coral, peruvian opal, and so many more. I was drawn to them because of how easy they are to stack, like in the picture below. They also came in so many colors, so they’re easy to mix and match.

From Bourbon and Bowties Facebook


Online retailers such as DejaVu, Carol and Company, and Salt Pines sell these bracelets. The Bourbon and Boweties Facebook page also has a full list of the retailers who sell them in stores. Prices range from about $22-$50.

These bracelets would be great conversation starters, and would set you apart from everyone else. They look great stacked, and they’re pretty affordable compared to other types of bracelets. Bourbon and Boweties bracelets can elevate a casual outfit and make it look more formal. Even though they’re mostly worn in the South, be a Northern trendsetter and buy a few!

-Blair Donovan