The Half-Pony Is Back

If you were a girl growing up in the early 2000s, I think you can agree with me that hair was everything. With every new episode of Lizzie McGuire new innovations of where to crimp strands strands of hair, add braids, butterfly clips and even fake color streaks were enlightened upon us.


But as we moved on into the 2010s the creases in our crimped hair and imprints of chocker lines on our necks faded. Jewelry became simplistic and hair began to fall into natural waves, until now… 


Flash forward to 2015 and the choker has weaseled its way back into everyday fashion along with the half ponytail. As the grunge/ cool/ careless/ dark lipped/ femme fatal has risen as our modern day trendsetter we have reverted back to the innocent stylings of our favorite early 2000s “it girls.” Once again we adorn our necks closely with elastic (or even cut panty hose) and throw our hair up half way to prove ‘messy’ works. As for me, I don’t mind the come back. I think that we have perfected the look now that crimpers have been put to rest. So let’s give our childhood style fantasies another go around, but please…

no highlights. 


–Mary Schrott

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