Open UP Your Heart

Being mindful and opening up your heart might be one of the best things you can do for yourself. An open heart space can increase vitality and emotional balance. It also allows us to figure out our needs and become more compassionate toward people.

How do we do this?

Yoga is a Great Start.

The idea is that energy patterns get stuck in our minds and we have “blocked energy.” This makes us anxious and we hold onto bad thoughts. Heart opening yoga poses can help balance the flow of energy into our heart center. Some gentle heart openers include upward facing dog and cobra.

Breathe Into Your Heart Space

Inhale and exhale but focus on your heart space instead of just your breath. Listen and make way for new energy patterns. Focusing on your heart space will allow you to rewire bad thoughts or behaviors.

Be Compassion and Be Grateful

Accept and let things just BE instead of taking hold of our own emotions and way of thinking will help open up heart space. Be grateful for the present moment. Don’t think about the bad things in the past. Reminisce on the good past and plan for the future but just be grateful for what is here now.

Personally, I know when I go to yoga I instantly feel more calm. However, I’ve never really thought to focus on my heart space so that’s an interesting thing that I’m looking forward to trying. Also, I think as college students, it’s difficult for us to feel grateful and live in the moment, but I think it that’s something that’s definitely worth trying.

Don’t forget to laugh. 🙂Girl shaping a heart with her fingers at Sunset

Kristianna Csatary

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