Zoolander’s Comeback: Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s PFW Walk-off

By Alex Cooper

Parisians always get a bad rap. They’re perceived as either stuck up, hating Americans, or generally rude. But the fashion, the accessories, the je ne sais quoi of their joie de vivre draw us Americans in to their relaxed and sophisticated lifestyles, inspiring us to dress, eat, and live like the French do.

One more reason for Americans to love the French is Maison Valentino’s Fall/Winter 2015 runway show which incorporated none other than Blue Steel himself, Ben Stiller. Oh, yeah, and Owen Wilson.

It was a walk-off. And it was amazing.

Stiller and Wilson strike a pose at Valentino. Photo courtesy of The Cut.

The two household names strutted in Maison Valentino’s show in a walk-off, imitating the infamous scene from Zoolander, dually working as a promotion for their long-awaited sequel Zoolander 2 set to release February 2016.

Stiller was the star of Paris Fashion Week’s Snapchat story as he pursed his lips, furrowed his brow and gave the camera what it wanted – his Blue Steel expression.

Photo courtesy of Vogue.
Photo courtesy of Vogue.

That Hansel, man. So hot right now.


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