2015’s most noteworthy color

Color: one of the most important aspects of fashion and beauty. Color can make or break outfits, add a pop to a dull look, and allows us to create our own sets of unique palettes. But one color in particular has people talking this year: marsala.

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year


This wine-like color was named by Pantone as Color of the Year 2015. Pantone chose marsala as Color of the Year because both men and women can wear it, and it flatters every skin tone. They classify it as “an earthy shade with a bit of sophistication.” Although the company created the color mainly for home decor, the fashion world has become smitten and latched on.

Sephora created an entire marsala makeup collection. Shop on their website for an extensive selection of eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, nail polishes, and more in this year’s new radiant color. Sephora’s Pinterest also has a board of marsala products and beauty inspiration. Model Cara Delevingne rocks a marsala lipstick for a pop of color in this Burberry ad:

Marsala lipstick

As for clothing, I have seen this color everywhere. Forever 21 specifically has a wide selection of tops, dresses, and accessories:

U-Lock Crossbody Bag


Textured Knit Dress
Lace-Paneled Fluted Dress

Marsala’s warm hues flatter anyone, and the wide range of available products from makeup to purses makes it super easy and versatile to wear!


-Blair Donovan