4 eyes are better than 2

“Four Eyes”. That’s what bullies used to call people who wore glasses in elementary school. Those two words usually sent kids home crying or made them too nervous to wear their glasses to school that they would come home with a headache from squinting too much to see the board.


I’m here to announce that times have changed. Glasses are now hip. I bet those kids with the bad eyesight wish they were born about a decade later to save them from the bullies.

Everyone’s wearing glasses now. We wear them because they complete many looks.

There’s the “I just rolled out of bed” look. Throw your glasses on to create a wall between your face without makeup and the rest of the world.


The “I want to look smart and chic” look. This time you wear makeup and maybe a blouse and jeans.


Whatever you choose to do with your glasses, they will make you look smarter. Maybe that’s why the bullies bothered you a few years back. They were jealous of your brains. Or maybe they didn’t quite fit your face yet…

-Emmy Silverman