The Spring Break Look

I’ve recently realized, coming back from Spring Break, that Spring Break is a time to break the rules. Many moral and legal rules are disregarded. We do things we probably never would do without this one excuse: YOLO it’s Spring Break. Bad decisions do make good stories, right?

However, looking back at the pictures and the TSM posts and Snapchat stories I’ve realized that we also broke many fashion rules. What is it about Spring Break that makes us want to disregard all of the fashion tips that we have learned by coming to a school such as Miami? Dress for success. Bars are an excuse to wear dresses and wedges. Blacks and browns are never okay. Subtly and earth tones are key. Dress for the season. On Spring Break we exchange our Free People knit sweater for a neon orange tank that says “suns out, guns out” – and that one was one of the cleaner ones I could mention here.


The brighter and tighter the better. That seems to be the trend of the past week. And if you have a fanny pack then you are the real MVP. This creates for an unfortunate sight. Looking back is quite painful. I saw people wearing things that probably should have never been purchased, none-the-less sported on the beaches in front of spring-breakers and families alike.


Some say, “spring break forever”, but if that’s how we’re going to dress I’m glad to be back in Oxford.

-Emmy Silverman

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