If you can’t stand the heat, quit applying it to your hair

Shower. Dry hair. Straighten hair. Repeat.

College has made me realize how much heat I apply to my hair on a regular basis, and how damaging it actually is. We blow dry our hair when we get out of the shower, we straighten our hair for class (if we’re feeling adventurous), and we curl our hair for a night out Uptown. I have stick-straight, super thin hair, so I’m always trying to mix it up and add some volume with curls or waves. Unfortunately, the extreme heat from curling and flat irons is making my thin hair even thinner.

If you’re like me, you apply to heat to your hair way more than you should. But, good news – Pinterest is stocked with heatless hair looks to give us a break from the damaging effects of heat hair tools.

I have actually tried the method below before. You look ridiculous while doing it, but it works extremely well. While your hair is damp, place a thin headband around your forehead and twist small sections around the headband. Leave your hair this way while it dries.Once it’s dry, you will have waves that look just like you used a curling iron. They also hold much better than waves from a curling iron.

For beach waves, I have also tried this trick. Again, you look ridiculous, but the end result is worth it! All you have to do is spray curl-enhancing mousse to your damp hair, then twist small sections and pin them to your head with bobby pins. The picture says to let it halfway dry and then touch it up with a curling iron, but I let it dry all the way and still got the same result.
If you’re wanting looser waves, I would try this trick:
With tricks like this, heat products are completely unnecessary. Ditch the heat, and check out Pinterest for my heatless hairdo inspirations! They even have recipes for heatless straight hair.
-Blair Donovan

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