We’re Bringin’ It Back

Fortunately, we have been around long enough to watch styles change. We all have those childhood items we can’t seem to get rid of – hopefully just because we loved them so much and not because we secretly wish they would come back in style. But, maybe it’s a good thing we are all a little bit of hoarders at heart because somewhere between the late 1990s and today (my entire life-span) styles that we thought would never come back are starting to re-appear and make way into our closets and daily ensembles.

We have had our staples throughout the years – the things we cannot live without. Our jeans, our dresses, our sandals. Today, we would consider leggings a staple. Who can live without our beloved tight, stretchy, black pants that give us the ability to conquer the impossible or nap comfortably in our beds? We can thank the 90s for those. The 90s should also be thanked for our oversized t-shirts and converse. #TSM. No wonder we devote once a week to celebrate the 90s here in Oxford. Look at all the great things it made popular for us. And don’t even get me started on boy bands.

90s 2

Some things, however, in my own opinion that is, should never have resurfaced. For example, overalls and chokers. The statement needs to be made that overalls are specifically for 90s moms and denim on denim parties. That is all. And chokers, epically those made of plastic, should only be worn by emotional 90s preteens.


Styles change with time. But, we should just be cautious of why things went out of style in the first place before we decide to bring them back.

-Emmy Silverman

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