Formal outfit 411

With masses of girls painting coolers in the quads on campus, it’s apparent that formal season has begun again! If you’re invited to one this year, you are probably stressing about what to wear. Don’t worry! Below are some options that will wow your date and make you look amazing.

Tobi is the prime place to find affordable and fun dresses. From plunging backs to daring cutouts, their wide range of dresses suits all different styles. The strappy back of this dress will definitely make you stand out, and the bright color gives it a feminine look (plus it will make you look tanner).

Call Me Bae Skater Dress

Open-back dresses are extremely popular right now and, if you’re looking to splurge a little bit, Urban Outfitters has you covered. The back of this dress is extremely unique, and the simple front is perfect for a bold statement necklace. The white color also gives you the option to wear any color of accessories you want. This dress is a splurge, but with a bright colored pair of heels, it would make a killer formal outfit.


Collective Night Swim Dress

Forever 21 has an overwhelming amount of dresses, but it’s not hard to find tons of cute, cheap options. Strapless dresses are always a go-to option. The neckline and texture of this dress give it some uniqueness and the red color will look great on any skin tone!

Coiled Cord Overlay Dress

Now that you have some options and don’t have to stress about an outfit, focus your time on making an awesome cooler!

-Blair Donovan

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