Almond vs. Peanut…Which is actually “Butter” for you?

For some reason in the past few years almond butter was somehow decided by health nuts to be a better imagesoption than peanut butter. However many people (myself included) want the straight facts because this creamy almond treat is usually twice the price of peanut butter.

The Truth:

tumblr_n0qrilONhn1rj3wsho1_500When you look at the major nutrients (carbs, protein, and fat), peanut and almond butter are basically twins. A single two-tablespoon serving of either is high in calories (200) but comes packed with protein (about 7g) and obviously is loaded with healthy facts. Some nutritionists say the biggest argument for almond butter is that it has a slightly lower concentration of saturated fats but they are so close its really not worth comparing. Almond butter however does have more calcium and iron than peanut.

What does this mean:tumblr_nn7rksPECo1qbd8dyo1_500

No matter which nut spread you buy always pay attention to the preservatives and added sugar. You can do this buy splurging for the organic options because that means that, especially in regards to peanuts, there are no pesticides involved. And unfortunately it is always better to stay away from Jiffy.

Other things to consider is that almonds tend to be more filling and peanuts can cause bloating since they are technically legumes, not nuts.

~Althea Perley

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