Bronde is the new black

By Alex Cooper

As per usual, as soon as you’ve lightened your locks to summer perfection, the celebs we love near & dear are on to a whole new hair trend: bronde.

Nope, you aren’t reading that wrong, it’s a mixture between blonde and brunette that’s low maintenance and ideal for the transition from these hot summer months into a breezy fall.

Blake Lively, America’s signature blonde, was one of the first to debut this new blended-color trend courtesy of her Instagram page.

The actress, who is currently traveling the globe with the World Wildlife Fund and Lokai, proves that she can (and will) look better than everyone regardless of her color choice.

For someone as busy as this new mom is, bronde is the easiest way to look chic without the team of hair specialists.


While sun-kissed blonde hair is the traditional summer color goal, many trends have made upkeep of lighter shades expensive and daunting. To return to the salon every four weeks in fear of roots appearing doesn’t necessarily scream “fun in the sun”. And is there anything worse than having your perfect blonde color lightened immensely every time you sit outside? Back to the salon chair you go, miss.

As the infamous Sublime song once rang, summertime means that the livin’s easy, so shouldn’t your color be, too? The best way to have a laid-back summer is to have hair as low-maintenance as possible, for a routine with less heat damage, less time wasted on perfecting that one damn curl, and less fuss overall.

For brunettes or red heads looking to brighten up their overall look, “bronde” can act as a temporary shade or be a transitional period from dark-to-light. For blondes, this shade might be the answer to your “fear-the-chlorine” rule which rings in your head at the sight of a pool. The darker you are, the less chance your beautifully bleached blonde hair will turn a sad sea foam green from pool dyes and chemicals.

It’s not just Blake who’s debuted this “bronde” color, as many A-list faces have been sporting the hybrid hair color. Play it safe, whether blonde or brunette, and take on bronde this season for a look that’s as effortless as your summer schedule. Let your hair take backseat this summer without sacrificing your look.

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Chrissy Teigen showed off her summer color at Wimbledon with hubby John Legend.


Mega-fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni displays her carefree summer vibes with her lengthy locks and an ice-cold sorbet.


Everyone’s favorite supermodel, Cara Delevingne, is also known to go back and forth between blonde and brunette, but if we do say so ourselves, this bronde fits her laid-back personality flawlessly.

Would you consider the new bronde trend next time you see your colorist? Comment below with your thoughts on this new color.


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