The more white, the merrier

As a little girl, my mom loved dressing me in patterned outfit sets with matching tops and bottoms. Much to my surprise, my childhood trend made a comeback and has become one of summer’s most popular looks. I’m seeing crop tops with matching skirts, shorts, or pants everywhere. While I’m a huge fan of the patterned matching sets, I especially love this trend for matching white pieces of clothing. I can’t think of a better time than summer to rock the white-on-white trend because this is white’s most popular season and it contrasts against your skin to make you look tanner!

As a staple piece for this trend, comfortable white jeans are a must. Choose a style that works for you, such as ripped white skinny jeans or looser, boot cut jeans. All-white clothing might seem like way too much white in one outfit, but it looks amazing and gives you tons of leeway to play with accessories. You don’t have to worry about your shoes or earrings matching your top since anything goes with white. Take a look at some of the outfits below for inspiration, and pair your look with a chunky statement necklace, a colorful pair of wedges, or bold earrings and stacked bracelets. The accessory options are endless! IMG_9305_zpsmlspiz8l 3c3102fe15646e16d4ed343df57a6ecd tumblr_nin8cvLKNS1tsuonjo1_500 I also like pairing white bottoms with a white top that has a subtle pattern. If all-white outfits seem like too much white for you, tone it down by choosing a patterned white top. I recommend a floral pattern like the one below because it contributes to the summer-y vibe of this trend. White-pants-floral-top Or, pair this patterned white crop top with a white skater skirt or a white pair of shorts. 2015-Vestido-New-Summer-Digital-Print-Vintage-Patterned-Women-Clothing-Blue-White-Crop-Top-And-Shorts The looks above featured mostly neutral accessories, so I encourage you to kick this trend up a notch and add some accessory pops of color! Channel your childhood and say yes to this matchy-matchy trend. For more white-on-white looks, check out the Pinterest boards here, here, and here.

-Blair Donovan