Mastering the Style of Flower Crowns

By Abbey Gingras

Here at Up, we’re just a tad obsessed with the ongoing trend of flower crowns. They’re everywhere— from runway shows to musical festivals to sorority socials.

As their popularity remains high, flower crowns can easily be purchased from boutiques and craft stores across the country. But a true fashionista wants a flower crown that’s unique to her, reflecting her personal taste and style.

I recently attended a flower crown workshop at Uptown boutique Lane & Kate, and to my great surprise a stunning, customized flower crown is easier to make than you’d think. Your boho-chic hair accessory awaits:

Materials needed:

-Crafting tape, preferably green.


-Wire cutters

-Flowers. We used real ones, but you can pick up fake ones from a craft store if you want a creation built to last.

To start, take two pieces of wire and overlap them slightly. You’ll begin wrapping the wire in tape at the end of one piece and wrap all the way to the other end. Once the pieces are covered, they’ll form one long piece of flexible wire that will be the basis of your crown.

Now, go back to the end of your wire and repeat the taping process— this time, taping in flowers as you go. Small buds and leaves can be taped in as is. For heavier blooms, insert a small piece of wire through the base of the flower and wrap it around the stem. This will reinforce it so that it doesn’t get weighed down or broken once it’s on the crown.


Soon your crown will look something like this:


Finally, wrap your crown around your head and twist the ends together to fasten it. You’ll want to make it a little smaller than your head so that it fits snuggly. The finished product? A gorgeous design that’s all your own.


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