Mermaid Workout = Abs


By Althea Perley

Have you ever noticed how flawless mermaids always look? They may be “fictional,” but there is something to say about their killer six pack abs.

Swimming is by far one of the best forms of exercise you can do. Not only does it tone muscles while burning fat, but it’s a low-impact workout so joints are protected from stress. Swimming can burn up to 650 calories per hour depending on how fast you swim. And, believe it or not, you sweat more swimming laps than you do in any other sport. So it’s no wonder mermaids have such amazing six pack abs!

At Miami University, we have an amazing recreational center, but even more impressive is the giant pool available to its students. I encourage all of you to try and swim laps this semester. It will be a fun way to break up the normal routine, and you can even jump in the hot tub after!

Bellow is a great beginner workout: