Running retro

By Elizabeth Glover

Fall fashion is confusing to say the least. It’s 75 and sunny one day, 45 and chilly the next. Your poor weather app is tired from all of the use and abuse. How are you supposed to get through that awkward transitional period between summer and fall? Layers. You need solid transitional pieces and a trusty pair of kicks that will keep your feet dry and help you step out in the right direction this fall.

Cue most every brand jumping on the cool kicks bandwagon. Shoes that used to be outdated and pasè are now considered retro and chic. Take advantage of this trend during the upcoming season, and raid your parents’ old boxes of clothes left over from high school; you might find some gold.

New Balance and Reebok have been doing an awesome job of keeping things sporty and trendy this fall with worn in sneakers that give you the coolest of vibes. Whether you like looking fashion forward or just comfortable cool, they have something for you all in customizable styles if you want to insert your own swagger into the classic brand.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.27.59 PM

If the bright colors aren’t enough to sell you on the sneaks, the price is most definitely right. These shoes are a perfect transitional pair for when you’re traveling to class or the gym.

If you want to stray away from the classics and get Kanye with it, try some Huraches on for size. You can ball through fall in these all black low tops.

None of those options work for you? No problem. Behold the Roshe Run. All white. All cool. It’s a multifunctional shoe that is great for running, cross training and anything else in between. You’ll love to love them.

Pair it with edgy leather infused leggings, a cool crop top, and a jacket. You’re perfectly street sleek and chic.

Rock any of these kicks and you’ll be ready to take on any type of weather that fall throws your way!