Marian Hill | R&B Electro-Sex

By Chase Bailey

Who best puts together electric beats, R&B vocals, and soulful saxophone other than Marian Hill? Freshly signed in early 2015, this duo (Samantha Gongol and Jeremy Lloyd) made their way to my very own hometown, Columbus, OH, for a packed show at The Basement on Saturday night. I snatched a ticket and headed that way to see if they are as good in person as they are on their new EP. To say this in the shortest way possible: they absolutely killed me.

Folks, if you haven’t heard this pair of creative geniuses, go on ahead and give them a listen right here. Performing their new album, Sway, they glamoured up the show with lights synced up to the electric keyboard, and smoke filling the stage in a way that would only make you expect Jay Gatsby to stroll out.Sway

Starting out with their most popular hit, “One Time,” they sent an energy through the crowd that can only be explained as ‘electrically dazing’. Close enough to touch the stage, I saw this powerhouse vocalist own the stage with kick-ass lyrics and seductive dance moves dressed in flowy leather pants and a black crop top done up with a sick silver body chain.

Between the strong beats and Gongol’s sultry vocals, their songs will take you anywhere from wanting to key your ex’s car to wanting to do some not-so-kosher things to a newfound lover. Even in the midst of a crowd of strangers, everyone was dancing like they’d had a few drinks of Whiskey, which is another one of their popular hits.

Marian Hill

After the show, I headed to the back of the bar where the band was signing autographs and taking pictures. These guys were awesome, taking time to talk to everyone they met, and even pointing out people who were really gettin’ it on the dance floor. About sixty bucks and a blurry photo later, I walked out the door with some new merch’ to add to the collection.

Seriously, put on one of their songs while you walk to class one day, and watch how fast you strut, strolling like you own the sidewalk.

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