Suit up for autumn

By Vivian Drury

As the summer breeze shifts into a brisk autumn chill, so does your style wardrobe. The challenge of how to stay warm and fashionable leaves us all staring at our closets debating how to stay warm, yet fashionable before each night on the town. This fall, one of the solutions to this challenge is the infamous jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit is such a hit this fall because of its variety. They range in material, sleeve length, patterns, and price point. Jumpsuits can be dressed up or down, as well. A short-sleeved jumpsuit can easily be paired with a sweater, flannel, or blazer to add warmth and style to any occasion.


Jumpsuits are also a fall necessity because with Converse, flats and small jewelry accents, you are set for a casual evening uptown. Yet with heels, booties, and statement pieces, you look stellar for a downtown party.



Be bold! Although the solid black jumpsuit is a true classic, I love experimenting with daring prints that catch everyone’s attention. My personal favorite pattern to play up is floral. Even though spring and summer have drifted away, dark florals, like emerald, navy, and violet, capture not only the essence of fall fashion, but also the idea of pushing style beyond what is expected.

Vogue UK

I also love pairing jumpsuits with booties and gold jewelry. These accessories add an extra dash of chicness and class into the outfit. Use bold statement necklaces to brighten up solid colored jumpsuits and solid gold earrings or a gold necklace for printed jumpsuits to polish up the final look.

Anthropologie Normandy booties
Anthropologie Normandy booties

However you decide to dress it up or down, jumpsuits are fashion’s sharpest and newest weapon for keeping your weekend style warm and trendy. Cheers to the weekend!