DIY: Last Minute Halloween Costumes

By Hannah Wegman

If you’re like most college students, you’ll wait till the last minute to decide what you are going to dress up as for Halloween. This means you’ll re-wear what you wore last year, spend a lot of money on a costume at a Halloween store, or you’ll be something cliché like a cat or bunny.

Mean girls

What if I told you that there are plenty of unique costumes that require little planning and little money? Yes, its true! Here are a few ideas to make your Halloween costume fit for a college student.

Disney Characters: Don’t you dare pull out your Minnie or Mickey Mouse ears. Those are NOT the only easy Disney costumes.  Many people think in order to be other Disney characters you need to have intricate detail.  However, this isn’t the case.  You can modernize a Disney princess/villain costume by using clothing pieces from your own wardrobe.


Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls: This costume requires literally no thinking at all. All you need is a white or black skirt, a matching top, and makeup. The sugar skulls are colorful and stand out from other costumes.


Scarecrow: A scarecrow can be a perfect costume for those who have a million plaid button downs. A plaid button down, jeans, and makeup can make you look just like the scarecrow on The Wizard of Oz.10735297_755192091219624_104429265_n

If none of these outfits fit your personality, don’t be afraid to branch out! You can be anything you want to be on Halloween, so don’t play it safe with the standard costumes.

Happy Halloween!

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