Dress your vest

By Vivian Drury

During the fall, a vest is an absolute must. Vests come in all shapes and sizes— from fur to puffy, they all serve different purposes and provide that extra touch of fall style to your outfit.



To dress up for a nice dinner out, a quilted vests adds a little detail that goes a long way. Gold accents on the vest, such as buttons or zippers, also enhance formality. I love these tiny gold touches because they add sparkle without being excessive. Quilted vests look great with a collard shirt or dress. A chambray dress, riding boots, tall socks, and a quilted vest together is a polished outfit that is professional, clean, and refined.



One of my favorite fall pieces is the faux fur vest. Nothing screams fun more than these cozy vests! I love to pair fur vests with a bell-sleeved jumper and heels. If you’re feeling daring, pair the vest with a patterned jumper to add an extra pop. Fur vests also look great with flare jeans and a simple long sleeve. These pieces together have a very a trendy hippie vibe.



My favorite way to wear a fur vest is with dark skinny jeans, long sleeves, pumps, and a dark red or plum lip. This is a sassy, powerful look. It is perfect for hitting the downtown scene with friends or for date night.


Another popular fall trend is the oversized vest. Contrast this billowing piece with a pair of slick skinny jeans or leggings and peep toed booties to tie the whole look together. The oversized vest comes in a variety of fabrics, so they are perfect for transitional fall weather as well as colder days with a sleeved sweater.



Rock this look and throw on your vest as you head out this weekend for effortless, boho vibes!

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