Scarf it UP

By Hannah Wegman

When the weather gets colder, it can sometimes be hard not to sacrifice trendiness for warmth while picking out an outfit. Scarves can be an easy way to add a little style and comfort to a fall/winter outfit.

The most popular scarf this fall is the blanket scarf. These scarves come in all types of colors and accent any casual outfit.  Pair with boots, jeans, and a top for a comfy casual outfit or dress it up with a blazer and pumps. This is a great way to make interesting pattern and color combos to show your personality through this trend.

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Knit scarves are another thing making an appearance this season. These scarves are great to match with flower patterned outfits or any bold outfit combo. Not only do knit scarves add style to an outfit, but they add a lot of warmth because of their thickness.


The best way to add your own flare to an outfit is to match it with a patterned scarf. These scarves look great with simple colored outfits. Don’t be afraid to try this type of scarf with other patterns, as well. Most people think patterns can’t match, but this isn’t the case. There are actually many patterns that look great with each other.

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Whatever your style, remember to bundle up and stay warm, my friends. The colder months can be a great way to test out different layers and patterns, so never think that less is more when it comes to fall/winter outfits.

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