Watch Out for Dry Skin

By Althea Perley

The fall is beautiful; there are tons of vibrant leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, not to mention we can finally start wearing giant comfy sweaters. But with the fall also comes the crisp air and winds, which does a lot of damage to the skin. What happens is that cold air removes the moisture from the air, which makes our skin feel more dry.

Below are tips to lock in moisture and make your skin flawless.

Limit your shower time: The hot air water from showers and baths may feel great but they draw out moisture, as soon as you jump out of the water make sure to lather on lots of lotion.

Lotion all day everyday: If you use lotion in the morning make sure that it has SPF, also if you put it on after your morning shower always pat dry your skin first and then use the lotion to seal some of the water into your skin. At night do that same process, and always remember to put it on at least an hour before you go to sleep.

Body Butter: IT’S TIME TO INDULGE, make sure to use think creams or body butters in the winter, not only do they feel amazing but they last longer.

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