Bundle UP

By Hannah Wegman

What better way to kick off the cold season then with a variety of top coats that not only keep you warm, but are fierce additions to your outfits!? Instead of sticking with the North Face or Patagonia pullover, try something a little bolder based off of these three themes.

Pea Coat:

I’m sure most of us have heard or seen someone wear a trench coat, but it’s almost always in neutral colors. A new way to wear a trench coat is one with bright colors or patterns. This is a great piece for those of you who want to be bold, but aren’t bold enough to stray from the normal styles. It’s a happy medium between fitting in ad standing out.

bright-orange-coat   Pea Coat 2


Battle the cold in an army jacket or a thick bomber. The forest green color of the army jacket is a perfect color for fall and provides effortless style to any outfit. Bombers can be a great way to show off a little attitude. This jacket will make you feel as confident as if you just stepped out of Top Gun with Tom Cruise himself.

Army CoatBomber


Are you into bold trends? Why not try something completely out of the fall/winter norms of dark colors and wear a pastel coat!  Colors such as sea-foam green, rosy pink, or lavender can be a fashion statement for all you daredevils out there.  An outfit combination of light colors can be a great way to warm up the cold seasons.

Pastel 1Pastel 2

Don’t think that these are your only options to outerwear.  There are millions of styles and colors that may fit better to your personality or style.  Be bold, be brave, and be yourself.

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