Netflix in November

We’re over all the festivities of Halloween and are back to the grind of school, until Thanksgiving break that is.

November is notoriously rainy and cold, which is bad when walking to class but is perfect when you want to curl up in a blanket fort, eat popcorn and drink hot apple cider.

Netflix is rolling out some new shows and movies this November, and here’s a quick list of features I’m excited about.

  1. The Comedy Aziz Ansari (from the beloved Parks and Rec) has a new comedy series coming out on November 6. It’s called Master of None, and is set in New York City. I’m a fan of Ansari’s stand up, and think this will be great.


     2.  The Documentary Dior and I follows Belgian designer Raf Simons as he struggles to create his first collection for Dior                in 2012. He was able to knock the ball out of the park in only 8 weeks, an incredibly short time. It comes as a bit of a                  tribute to the creative genius, who just announced his resignation from his job as creative director of Dior. Watch it on                November 14th.


      3. The Romantic Epic I never got around to seeing Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina when it came out in 2012. If you                     missed it then, or just want to re-watch, Netflix is giving us a second chance on November 12th. Based on Russian                     author Leo Tolstoy’s novel of the same name, it’s a romantic plot for the ages.


Happy Netflixing!