Pop of Color: Accessories

By Hannah Wegman

There are some problems when it comes to picking out the perfect accessory to wear on your class days and your nights out.  Instead of going with the average black or gold, try these color trends of 2015-2016 fall/winter.


Coral has always been a popular girly color when it comes to spring/summer outfits, but has rarely ever been used for fall/winter. This makes it the perfect color to bring out your bold personality through statement accessories. Coral is a natural, warm color of orange and red that’s great for color blocking with darker colors.


Deep Sea:

One trend that seems to be timeless is deep sea blue. It’s a dark, chill-out color. It reminds us of the deep of the ocean: dark, mysterious, and peaceful. The best part about this color is that although it is dark, it brings a new twist on dark colors and is an easy way to brighten up a black dress or dark jeans.

 Deep Sea


Red is always an important color for our fall/winter holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wine is a purple-red that’s a great way to keep up with the standard reds, but with a classy, dramatic finish. Another great thing about the wine color is that it looks great with any skin tone. So, for those of you who are like me and are extremely pale in the colder months, you will be able to pull off this color.



This neutral shade goes great with a variety of colors, which makes it an easy, yet classy accessory piece. Whether with a purse, a scarf, or jewelry, you can mix this color with all your outfit possibilities.


Test out these accessories with your everyday outfits or your going out outfits! You’d be surprised with the color combinations you can come up with!

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