’90s Trends Making a Comeback

By Hannah Wegman

We’ve seen a comeback of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s fashion, but now we’re beginning to see a comeback of an era that we took part in: the ’90s. Although most of us probably barely remember these trends, we saw them on reruns of shows like Full House and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Although I’m glad some of the ’90’s trends have died, the ones listed below are ones that I think are making a strong comeback.


Going to a high school that wore plaid uniform skirts, I never thought I would wear plaid again…EVER. But when I look at the way ’90’s girls wore them, I see how much attitude is in plaid. This look became a trend again in grunge fashion, where girls would wear a plaid button down shirt with a tee under it. Now almost every person owns a plaid shirt. But there are so many other ways you can wear plaid and stand out from the crowd.

Plaid Dress
Courtesy of Jean Greige
Plaid Pants
Courtesy of Tierdropp on Tumblr
Plaid Skirt
Courtesy of Outfits Hunter


What’s the one universal trend that is guaranteed to make you look like a bad ass? Leather. In society, leather has always been symbol for those who defy the law and authority figures. Leather became so popular because everyone wanted to have a little wild side. Some easy ways to rock leather are jackets, pants, and skirts, but there are always other ways to bring out your confidence.

Leather pants
Courtesy of Glam Radar
Courtesy of I-isan on Tumblr
Leather Skirt
Courtesy of Chictopia

Combat Boots:

The edgiest fashion statement that came from the 90’s was the combat boots. Unlike heels and flats, combat boots complete the grunge look. Combat boots look nice new or run down so they last forever. If you’re looking for some nice combat boots, you can always try Timberlands or Doc Martens.

Combat 3
Courtesy of Gurl.com
Combat Boots 1
Courtesy of Kayln Nicholson
Combat Boots 2
Courtesy of Girl.com

Get creative with these ’90’s trends and maybe turn on some old shows for inspiration!  Express your personality through what you wear.

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