Layer UP This Winter


By Hannah Wegman

It’s happening, ladies and gentleman; it’s that time of year again, where the temperature is finally low enough for us to cringe at the thought of going outside. Don’t get me wrong, I know most of us love the winter weather because this is the season of holidays, snow, and a long winter break away from classes, but sometimes the cold can be too much to deal with.  In order to stay warm, most of us will dress in so many layers of clothes that we’ll feel like a marshmallow. But instead of putting on your old worn out sweatshirts, try layering some of your favorite fall pieces together!

The best part about layering outfits is you can literally wear five different articles of clothing and get away with it. Having those multiple elements gives off a surprising effect. Cuffed button downs poking out of the sweaters or any shirt with a pattern are just a few of the things that we turn to when the cold weather hits.

An easy way to layer is to take a light colored sweater and match it with a darker colored parka or jacket of some sort or vice versa. I like the contrast that this combination gives because it stands out and gives you a unique look.

courtesy of LookBook


Maybe you really like wearing your plaid button down!? Well, the pattern of the button down looks great with any solid colored sweaters and jackets. If you’re feeling bold, try matching different patterns together! Although it can be risky, this combination looks amazing when it’s pulled off.

Courtesy of Fresh Exchange

If you’re new to layering, I hope you find the inspiration you need to get layered up for winter.

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