Hair Colors of 2016

By: Hannah Wegman

As the year is coming to an end, it’s time for people to begin thinking “new year, new me.” People will usually clean out old clothes, paperwork, and plan to change bad habits or whatnot. What will you change this new year? Why not start off 2016 with a new hair color?

During 2016, there are some hair trends we’ve had yet to see and some that are just making a reappearance. For example, instead of completely changing your light blonde hair, you can now just mix it to make a bronde shade! Bronde hair is blonde that’s mixed with warmer colors (like carmel shades) to make a bronze color. This color can be seen on celebrities like Cara Delavigne, who rocks this look.

Courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Another new hair trend is copper colored hair. This is a more alternative or edgy style and, for most of us, this can be a dramatic change in hair color. The problem with this color is that skin color really matters when you’re choosing a shade of copper. People with darker skin colors should look more towards an auburn color, while those with fair skin can look for a deep, fiery-looking copper color.

Courtesy of Glamour

Haven’t had time to go to your hairdresser to get your roots dyed? That’s okay! A new popular trend is to have natural looking roots. The darker top color makes your hair feel warmer for the colder months. This is perfect for you natural ash blondes.

Jennifer LAW
Courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

Finally, a (not so) new hair trend is dark chocolate. The winter is a time where people seek dark and warmth and this hair color provides both! This hair color is easy to care for and brings out the color of any skin tone.

Courtesy of  Stylish Wife

Take these colors to your hairdresser to beat the crowds to these trends.  The key is to look as natural as possible without looking drab or flat.

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