“Ring Ring”

By Althea Perley

Wearable Technology

When apple came out with the apple watch, it was an incredible way for people to utilize accessories like never before. For the first time you could be in a meeting and see who was calling you without having to take out your phone, while tracking your steps and following your calendar, all at the flick of your wrist.

Accessories have also evolved in the fashion world to help keep you fit, Tory Burch took the fitbit and made it a sleek fashion statement. And there are even bands to match your outfit. But I would argue nothing has been as fabulous for women on the go as the Ringly’s Smart Ring

This gem sits on your finger and notifies you about the messages, emails,


phone calls, calendars, media connections, and apps that matter most to you. It does this through connecting to your phone, and then you set the notifications you want to hear about on an app on your phone.

Then 4 vibration patterns and 5 lights that blink
on the side of the ring allow you to subtly stay connected without losing focus. This Smart Ring is perfect for those looking to take over the world without sacrificing style, because it keeps you informed while rocking one of the most trendy tech accessories available.


App Keeps YOU Connected

Although it is a pricy investment, most of the rings are $195.00, it’s wearable tech that’s lightweight, simple, and sure to not ruin any ensemble.

For those of us looking to stay flawless and a step ahead, this little device could be the best accessory splurge yet.




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