Get Real, Resolutions

By Vivian Drury

It’s that time of year when people start to feel the need to change, simply because the year is too.

We all make resolutions to drink less, work out more, get promoted, attempt to be less single next year at holiday parties, etcetera.

However, according to the University of Scranton’s research in Forbes Magazine, only 8% of people who create New Year’s Resolutions actually achieve them. That means that 92% of the people who want to be healthier humans this year will end up back on the couch with Ben and Jerry much quicker than they think.

So this year, let’s make resolutions we can keep…and actual want to.

1. Enjoy less time wearing pants (in the comfort of your home, that is)

no pants
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You’ll experience the true meaning of freedom. You’re welcome.


2. Dance more

fresh prince.gif
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Show off you moves, whether that be in the club or in your kitchen. May or may not involve resolution #1.


3. If work sucks, look up pictures of puppies or babies for 20 minutes

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This is the true key to happiness and release of boredom, I promise you.


4. Tell someone (or something) you love them everyday

i love you.gif
Courtesy of the Date Report

This can be your mom, dog, or your favorite bottle of wine, but it needs to be heard every so often.


5. Finish an entire show on Netflix in a week

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If you want to feel accomplished, this will certainly do the trick. Also try eating an entire large pizza in one episode. This is a true challenge, but oh so rewarding.


6. Do something that makes you feel good

feeling good.gif
Courtesy of Confessions of a Love Addict

This resolution can involve any of the previous resolutions, just make sure you end up smiling after the fact.


7. Coloring is calming

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Adult coloring books are now available in every Target. Best therapy ever…and only priced around $9.99. (Try this intricate example from Crayola.)


8. Take a walk everyday

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Or at least briefly consider it…yes walking from your fridge to your couch counts…somewhat.


9. Join a gym…or something like it

work out
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Find some group of people who enjoy doing something that you do. They can help you workout, discuss novels, or wallow in self-pity. Whatever does the trick.


10. Find the silver lining…or something that’s positive and a little less cliche

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Find something that makes you happy or at least smile long enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside during this new year.


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