Slip On Your Adidas

By: Tori Levy

In January, it takes a lot to get ourselves Uptown. It seems so much easier to stay in our warm bed and watch Netflix rather than get all dressed up and submit ourselves to frostbite. Even though booties and pumps may be our go to, they are less comfy and need to be paired with the right outfit.

From Gigi Hadid to Rihanna, Adidas can be seen as the new go to shoe. Whether in the blistering heat or numbing cold, Adidas seem to never go out of style. They’re good for a night Uptown in a dress or paired with leggings on your way to class. It’s a way to pair cute with comfort, while not having your feet bleed from newly broken in shoes.

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Gigi Hadid pairs her Superstar black and white Adidas with a plain white dress. A look anyone can pull off, if they have a dress hanging in their closet. It is easy, yet effortless.

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For a more dressed up look, Rihanna pairs a maxi skirt and a leather jacket with her Superstar Adidas. It’s the perfect look to wear to a nice dinner or a night out at the club.

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The Superstar Adidas can even look better on the men. Big Sean pairs his with jeans and a sweatshirt, a look any guy can pull off. They allow guys to step away from boat shoes and switch to  a more collective look.

Superstar Adidas are perfect for everyone at any time and every occasion. To find a variety of Superstar styles, visit their site here.

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