Speak UP Against Chokers

By: Maddie Wood

I consider myself to be a fairly edgy person. I like bedhead, studs, all-black ensembles and street wear as much as the next millennial, but there’s one trend that sorority girls and goths alike have been rocking for far too long.

That’s right, kids. I’m talking about the choker.

Courtesy of US Magazine

I’m all for any accessory/ garment that has loads of stretch to it, but pieces of flexible plastic that can be purchased at Claire’s are where I draw the line.

First of all, these black lattice-style death traps are literally a safety hazard. Anything that makes breathing a little bit harder when you’re wearing it is something that should be left in the 16th century (I’m looking at you corsets).

Some make the argument, “If Avril could rock one in 2004, why can’t I rock one now?”

If you find yourself genuinely thinking, “What would Avril Lavigne do?” we have more issues than just your poor taste in accessories.

And don’t even get me started on the ribbon chokers. Can someone please explain to me why a half-inch strip of velvet smack dab in the middle of your neck is cute?

I realize that chokers aren’t the worst possible trend you could follow (hello wedge sneakers), but why not opt for a style that elongates your neck and draws the eye to your outfit instead of your non-existent adam’s apple.

Courtesy of eonline.com

I’ll admit some celebrities look amazing in chokers. Rihanna slays the effortless punk-rock/ hip-hop look. Jessica Alba works a glam choker on the red carpet. Are you Rihanna or Jessica Alba? You wish.

Ladies, I digress. Stick with jewelry you can’t get out of a gum ball machine.

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