The Lumberjack Look

By Hannah Wegman

Now, I know there are plenty of girls who love guys that can pull off the “lumberjack look,” but what if I told you that you could, too? For those of you who don’t know, the lumberjack look is when a guy wears plaid and jeans, looks really manly, maybe has facial hair or a man bun (that sort of thing).  We may not be able to pull off a man bun or facial hair, there are many other aspects of the “lumberjack look” that look amazing on women as well as men.

Courtesy of My Handsome Muse

I know I’ve used the picture below from The Fresh Exchange Blog before, but it just amazes me how unique this outfit is. Not only does this girl pull off jeans with a jean jacket, but she also pulls of two totally different plaid button downs. This look below differs from the typical plaid outfit we’re used to seeing.

Courtesy of the Fresh Exchange Blog

This look is so easy for guys to pull off too, because all they need is jeans and a plaid shirt.  It’s perfect for winter because it’s so easy to layer multiple articles of clothing to stay warm, but you can also wear it in the summer for concerts or any type of outdoor activity! The best way to nail this look is to try out things you might not usually pair together and see how they look!

Courtesy of Stylish Wife

It’s time to bring out your inner lumberjack and really show the world what you’re made of!

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