Ripped UP

By: Tori Levy

Not only does Winter bring snow, but also the trend of dark colors. Say goodbye to pink, yellow, and white and hello to dark grey and black. The temptation to wear all black out is more prevalent during the Winter time. Black shirts, sweaters, and jeans are the first things we reach for in our closet when deciding what to wear Uptown.

However, not only is everyone wearing black jeans, but ripped black jeans.  They add an edge to a simple look with holes at the knees. For men and women, ripped jeans are worn to be as dressed up or down to add a new element to the all black look.


Jessica Alba pairs her black ripped jeans with a print sweater and black booties for a look that can be worn during the day or a night out.

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Louis Tomlinson pairs his black ripped jeans with black gym shoes and an everyday shirt. Any guy can pull off this look if he prefers skinnies; they add an extra rebellious edge for a guy, and it’s easy to put together.

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Selena Gomez styles her inner rock-chic with feather earrings, tall black boots, and ripped black jeans.


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