Keeping It Real in the New Year

By: Chase Bailey

It’s the middle of February and some of you have probably already given up on your New Year’s resolution. Some of you may still be sticking to it strong (go you!).

For once in my life, I actually made it through one of my resolutions, which was to do a Whole30. I learned a lot in the process; not only about how important it is to be aware of what you’re putting in your body (Did you know all table salt has sugar in it?), but also how important it is to construct a healthy relationship between discipline and treating yourself.

Let’s look at it in a way that’s more relatable. The semester is new, and it’s possible that one of your resolutions this year was to really get your shit together this spring and shove your nose in the books. It’s only been a week and I can tell you now this one’s gonna be a hell of a time for me.

If there’s one piece of advice you should follow it’s this: MAKE SURE YOU TAKE TIME TO TREAT YOURSELF! Seriously, it’s so important and I’m willing to bet it’ll be the difference between you sticking to your New Year’s goal (or any goal for that matter) and abandoning it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say (more times that not it’s myself) that they’re really gonna pull the trigger this year and work hard. Gym every day, study every night, salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner, wash your hair on a regular basis (maybe that one’s just me). No days off. You know what I say to that? Bullshit.

Guys, whether it’s making it to the gym or getting your homework to-do list checked off every night, really bite the bullet and lift with your legs. The results you’ll see from hard work will be tremendous, and it’ll just keep driving you do keep up the good work.

But don’t over-exert yourself. Take a day off and treat yourself. Don’t go to the gym (you really should let your muscles rest anyway), head to Skips and eat some mac bites, go to Beat and pet the dogs all those sexy boys bring with them to day-drink. Or, hell, do as I do and lay in bed all day in your underwear and watch The Bachelor.

If this past month of healthy-eating-to-the-max has taught me anything it’s that hard work pays off, but only when you let yourself enjoy a guilty pleasure once in a while. It’s also taught me that those guilty pleasures are so much more enjoyable when taken in moderation. I could describe to you all the sexual things I did to a donut from Oxford Doughnut Shoppe on the first day of being off of my diet, but my editors would just mark it out so I’ll spare you the details.

So open up your books, lace your running shoes tight, and kick some resolution ass this semester. But don’t forget to stop and breathe (or chug a beer) every once in a while.

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