Jogger UP

By Tori Levy

A new year brings new trends. While we try not to look like slobs on our way to class (well, maybe for our 8:30 we do), we definitely don’t wear our going out clothes. Comfy clothes are always the way to go, however, most of us don’t wear our pajamas to class as much as we would like too. Jeans are always put into question, because they’re more stiff and tight. On the other hand, most of us don’t own a pair of leggings for each day of the week. For guys and girls, joggers have been making their rounds through the Miami campus. They provide a put together look that requires minimal effort and may even get you to go to the gym for a quick run…

Joggers can be worn with whatever in many different ways. Since they’re so simple, you can put your own twist on the style.

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This Urban Outfitters model pairs her joggers with booties, a sweatshirt, and parka. This look is perfect for winter and incorporates pieces that every girl already has in her closet.

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Another Urban Outfitters model pairs her joggers with a stripe t-shirt and converse for a snug, easy look for when you’re going to class.

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This Urban Outfitters model pairs his joggers with a plain t-shirt and Adidas, easy for any guy to pull off.

Urban Outfitters has stylish joggers for both guys and girls at an affordable price. Check them out on their website.


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