The T-Shirt Dress

By Tori Levy

The weekend was filled with a clear blue sky and the sun beaming down, an unlikely pair in the midst of February. If only that meant spring was coming early, rather than more snow to come and putting our parkas back on. However, when the warmth does finally decide to stay longer than a day, the T-shirt dress should be hanging in your closet ready to be worn. It saves time, money, and effort for a casual mid-day look. The T-shirt dress can be thrown on in a minute, with minimal hair and makeup effort to complete a comfy look for a day Uptown.

These dresses are easy to find online and at stores for an affordable price. So, when the weather decides to stop the extreme fluctuations from weekend to weekend, a T-shirt dress should be on your mind.

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This Luana top from Brandy Melville is cheap and can be easily worn with Converse and sunglasses for the perfect mid-day look on a nice sunny day when you’re doing a lot of walking.

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A simple black and white T-shirt dress will look good no matter the shape or size because of it’s loose and plain design. It’s less than thirty dollars and can be worn again with black skinny ripped jeans (or any jeans, for that matter) to transform from a daytime look to a going out look.

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This is a switch from the black and white look with a pop a color. This dress from Forever 21 offers a light, fun color with the new spring season ahead of us.

Even though this weekend may have been a tease, the spring will permanently be here before we know it, so keep the T-shirt dress stocked in your closet!

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